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What This Shop Means

Being an artist is a delicate balance of making art because you feel compelled to, making art because you want to make a difference, and desiring to make a living from doing what you love. After 14 years of being solely a digital collage artist and photographer, I'm reconnecting with my graphic design skills to create the designs you see in this shop. I often try to give to organizations that I feel strongly about, but money isn't always plentiful. I've been blessed with the ability to create and I've felt a strong pull as of late to use it to give back with my talents in what I hope to be a significant way. 

It was told to me recently when I started revealing the details of this shop:

"the world doesn't need another $25 t-shirt."

I couldn't agree more.

Having gone through some decluttering recently, my husband and I are moving towards a less consumer-based lifestyle and only buying things that either bring us great joy, replace things that are broken or worn out, or somehow contribute to making the world a better place.

40% or more of the proceeds of the items that are sold in this shop go to organizations that are trying to preserve and restore some of America's history. In a perfect world I would give 100%, but as I mentioned, it's a delicate balance. My wish is that I can help these organizations achieve their goals of bringing parts of our vibrant landscape back to life!

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